50 Handsome English Boy Names Starting with G and Their Meanings

If you’re expecting a baby boy and searching for the perfect name, this list of 50 English boy names starting with G and their meanings might just have what you’re looking for. From traditional names like George and Gilbert to unique options like Gage and Gaston, this list offers a variety of choices for parents-to-be. Each name is accompanied by its corresponding meaning, giving insight into the rich history and symbolism behind each name. Whether you’re searching for a name that represents strength, bravery, or intelligence, this list has something for everyone. Take a look and find the perfect name for your little boy!

GabrielGod is my strength
GageOath, pledge
GalenCalm, healer
GarethGentle, modest
GarthGarden, enclosure
GavinWhite hawk
GeorgeFarmer, earthworker
GeraldRuler with a spear
GerardBrave spearman
GermaineFrom Germany
GideonFeller of trees
GilbertBright promise
GilfordGill’s crossing
GinoShort for Eugene, meaning well-born
GiovanniGod is gracious
GodfreyGod’s peace
GodricRuler of God
GodwinFriend of God
GordonGreat hill
GradyNoble, illustrious
GrahamFrom the gravelly place
GrantGreat, tall
GraySon of the gray-haired one
GraysonSon of the gray-haired one
GregoryWatchful, vigilant
GriffinStrong lord
GroverFrom the grove
GuillaumeForm of William, meaning resolute protector
GunnerBold warrior
GusShort for Augustus, meaning great, magnificent
GwilymForm of William, meaning resolute protector
GwynFair, white
GabbyGod’s able-bodied one
GalileoFrom Galilee
GarrickMighty with a spear
GarvinFriend with a spear
GastonGreat one
GaylordLively, joyous lord