boy names that start with a

[A Beginning Name] Many well-known English names actually begin with A, such as Adam in the Garden of Eden, and the legendary British King Arthur, the actor Andrew who plays Spiderman, it very suitable names for boys!

AaronHebrewA majestic mountain; inspired by God.
AbbottHebrewFatherly; great spirit.
AbelLatinLife; breathing.
AbnerHebrewWisdom; smart .
AbrahamHebrewThe noble father; the father of all.
AbsalomHebrewThe father of peace.
AceEnglandThe highest level.
AdairScotland, IrelandAs strong as a tree.
AdamHebrewThe first man in the world, male
AddisonUnited KingdomThe descendants of Adam.
AdolfGermanyNoble wolf.
AdolphGermanyNoble wolf.
AdonisGreecehandsome man.
AdrianLatinPeople living by the Adriatic Sea.
AhernCelticThe owner of the horse.
AlanScandinaviaHandsome, beautiful; harmonious, peaceful; happy.
AlbertUnited KingdomNoble intelligence; guardian of mankind.
AldrichUnited KingdomA wise ruler.
AlexanderGreeceProtector of mankind; helper of man.
AlisonGermanyThe son of the noble.
AlfredUnited Kingdom; TeutonicA wise consultant; a smart helper.
AlgerUnited KingdomHonorable and noble guard.
AlgernonFranceMan with full face and beard.
AllanGailPeace; harmony and harmony.
AllenGailHarmonious; handsome; good-looking.
AlonsoScotlandNoble, agile
AlstonUnited KingdomA person of noble origin.
AltonUnited KingdomThe city where the river begins
AlvaLatinCaucasian; blond.
AlvinTeutonicLoved by everyone; friends of everyone.
AlvisNorwayShort and sharp people.
AmadeoLatinGod’s love.
AmosHebrewPeople who have a long way to go.
AndreFranceBrave, brave.
AndrewGreeceMale, brave, brave.
AndyGreeceMale, brave, brave.
AngeloItalyThe messenger of God.
AugusGailOne, the only one; love God.
AngusScotlandThe only one.
AnselFranceA person of very noble birth or education.
AntonyLatinWorthy of praise and respect.
AntonioLatinWorthy of praise and respect.
AntoineEuropeWorthy of praise and respect.
ArcherUnited KingdomA strongman who drew the bow of the mighty.
ArchibaldUnited KingdomNoble and brave.
ArkellNorwayEagle emblem steel helmet.
ArlenUnited Kingdompledge.
ArmstrongUnited KingdomPeople with strong arms.
ArthurUnited KingdomNoble or noble.
ArvinTeutonicTreat people with equality.
AsaHebrewGod’s gift; healer.
AshburUnited KingdomThe race for China’s entry into the WTO will spread the good news
AtwoodUnited KingdomPeople who live in the forest or in the forest.
AubreyTeutonicA rich and powerful king; an elf.
AugustLatinSacred, revered, or high-status person; August.
AugustineLatinRefers to those born in August.
AveryUnited KingdomFighting; naughty, mischievous person.