55 English Boy Names Beginning with E and Their Meanings

Looking for the perfect name for your baby boy? Explore this list of 100 English boy names that start with the letter E, along with their meanings. From traditional names like Edward and Ethan to unique options like Emerson and Everly, there’s something for every taste and style. Discover the meanings behind each name, ranging from “wealthy guardian” and “strong” to “wild boar” and “gracious gift.” Whether you’re searching for a name that reflects your family heritage or simply sounds beautiful, this comprehensive list is sure to inspire your search for the perfect name for your little one.

EamonFrom Irish, meaning “wealthy protector”.
EarlFrom Old English, meaning “nobleman” or “warrior”.
EastonFrom English, meaning “east-facing place”.
EbenFrom Hebrew, meaning “stone”.
EbrahimFrom Arabic, meaning “father of many”.
EchoFrom Greek mythology, meaning “reverberating sound”.
EdFrom Old English, meaning “wealthy guardian”.
EddieA diminutive of the name Edward, meaning “wealthy guardian”.
EdenFrom Hebrew, meaning “delightful place”.
EdgarFrom Old English, meaning “wealthy spearman”.
EdisonFrom English, meaning “son of Edward”.
EdmundFrom Old English, meaning “wealthy protector”.
EdricFrom Old English, meaning “ruler” or “powerful”.
EduardoFrom Spanish, meaning “wealthy guardian”.
EdwardFrom Old English, meaning “wealthy guardian”.
EdwinFrom Old English, meaning “wealthy friend”.
EganFrom Irish, meaning “little fire”.
EgonFrom German, meaning “sharp” or “sword”.
EidanFrom Hebrew, meaning “firm” or “strong”.
EliFrom Hebrew, meaning “ascended” or “uplifted”.
EliasFrom Greek, meaning “my God is Yahweh”.
ElijahFrom Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is my God”.
ElisA variation of the name Elias, meaning “my God is Yahweh”.
ElishaFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is my salvation”.
ElleryFrom English, meaning “island with elder trees”.
ElliotFrom English, meaning “the Lord is my God”.
EllisFrom English, meaning “benevolent”.
ElmerFrom English, meaning “noble” or “famous”.
ElonFrom Hebrew, meaning “oak tree”.
ElroyFrom English, meaning “the king”.
ElyFrom Hebrew, meaning “height” or “ascended”.
EmanuelFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is with us”.
EmersonFrom English, meaning “son of Emery”.
EmeryFrom German, meaning “industrious ruler”.
EmilFrom Latin, meaning “rival” or “eager”.
EmilioFrom Spanish, meaning “rival”.
EmmanuelFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is with us”.
EmmettFrom English, meaning “universal”.
EnochFrom Hebrew, meaning “dedicated”.
EnriqueFrom Spanish, meaning “ruler of the household”.
EnzoFrom Italian, meaning “ruler of the household”.
EphraimFrom Hebrew, meaning “fruitful”.
EricFrom Old Norse, meaning “ruler” or “eternal ruler”.
ErickA variant of the name Eric, meaning “ruler”.
ErikA variant of the name Eric, meaning “ruler”.
ErnestFrom German, meaning “earnest” or “sincere”.
ErnestoFrom Spanish, meaning “earnest” or “sincere”.
ErnieA diminutive of the name Ernest, meaning “earnest” or “sincere”.
ErvinFrom German, meaning “friend of honor”.
ErwinFrom German, meaning “friend of honor”.
EstebanFrom Spanish, meaning “crown” or “garland”.
EstevanA variant of the name Esteban, meaning “crown” or “garland”.
EthanFrom Hebrew, meaning “strong” or “firm”.
EthenA variant of