50 Girl Names Starting with G and Their Meanings

Are you expecting a baby girl and searching for the perfect name? Look no further than this list of 50 beautiful English girl names that all begin with the letter G and their meanings. From classic names like Grace and Gloria to more unique options like Giselle and Galena, this list provides a wide range of choices for parents to consider. Each name is paired with its corresponding meaning, offering a glimpse into the rich history and symbolism behind each name. Whether you’re looking for a name that represents strength, beauty, or grace, this list has something for every parent’s taste. Take a look and find the perfect name for your little girl!

GraceElegance, beauty, kindness
GeorgiaFarmer, earthworker
GabriellaGod is my strength
GemmaJewel, precious stone
GiaGod’s gracious gift
GloriaGlory, honor
GwendolynBlessed ring
GenevieveWhite wave
GisellePledge, oath
GenevaJuniper tree
GeorginaFarmer, earthworker
GreerWatchful, vigilant
GalenaCalm, serene
GailJoyful, lively
GayleJoyful, lively
GardeniaA type of flower
GentryNobility, gentle birth
GodivaGift of God
GoldiePrecious metal
GriseldaGray battle
GuinevereFair one
GwendolenBlessed ring
GypsyWanderer, free spirit
GiaGod’s gracious gift
GabrielleGod is my strength
GalileaFrom Galilee
GarnetA type of gemstone
GenesisBeginning, origin
GeorgianaFarmer, earthworker
GertrudeSpear of strength
GiannaGod is gracious
GiselaPledge, oath
GisellePledge, oath
GlendaFair, good
GloriaGlory, honor
GraysonSon of the gray-haired one
GwendaBlessed, white wave
GwendolynBlessed ring