50 Girl Names Starting with F and Their Meanings

Looking for a unique and meaningful name for your baby girl? Explore this list of 50 beautiful English girl names that all start with the letter F and their meanings. From traditional names like Faith and Francesca to more modern options like Freespirit and Farrah, this list offers a diverse range of options for parents to consider. Whether you’re looking for a name that represents happiness, strength, or beauty, you’ll find plenty of inspiration on this list. Each name is paired with its corresponding meaning, providing insight into the rich history and significance behind each name. Whether you’re drawn to classic names or prefer something more unconventional, this list offers something for every parent.

FaithTrust, belief
FionaFair, white
FelicityHappiness, good fortune
FreyaNorse goddess of love, fertility, and war
FernA type of plant
FloraLatin for “flower”
FarrahJoy, happiness
FallonLeader, superior one
FinleyFair-haired warrior
FleurFrench for “flower”
FrancescaItalian for “free one”
FaithfulLoyal, devoted
FlorenceFlourishing, prosperous
FaridaUnique, precious
FatimaCaptivating, one who abstains
FreesiaA type of flower
FreespiritIndependent, free-spirited
FiorellaLittle flower
FrancineFree, from France
FabiolaBean grower
FawnaYoung deer
FabienneBean grower
FabriziaSkilled artisan
FallonLeader, superior one
FanchonFree, from France
FaricaLeader, ruler
FatimahCaptivating, one who abstains
FaustineFortunate, lucky
FedoraGift of God
FemiLove me
FennaPeace, safety
FerneA type of plant
FideliaFaithful, loyal
FilipaLover of horses
FilomenaLover of strength
FinaHe shall add
FlaviaBlonde hair
FrancaFree, from France
FrankaFree, from France
FreesiaA type of flower
FreyaNorse goddess of love, fertility, and war
FriedaPeaceful ruler
FritziPeaceful ruler