Baby Names that start with B

[B at the beginning] The most famous of the English names at the beginning of B is probably Bill, did you think of it? It is the famous world capital Bill Gates, Bill means a powerful warrior or protector, see here Do you really want to call it Bill?

BAIRDIrelandA person who can sing folk songs.
BaldwinTeutonicVery brave man on the battlefield.
BancroftUnited KingdomPeople who grow beans.
BardUnited KingdomPeople who are very happy and like raising livestock.
BarlowGreecePeople who live in the mountains.
BarnettUnited Kingdomleader.
BaronUnited KingdomBrave warrior; noble; baron.
BarryIrelandA good archer; a spearman.
BarretTeutonicA person with great responsibility; a bear.
BartholomewGreeceOne of the twelve disciples of Jesus; the son of the farmland.
BartGreeceIs one of the twelve disciples of Jesus.
BartonUnited KingdomPeople living in large wheat fields.
BartleyUnited KingdomThe person who takes care of the pasture.
BasilLatinLike a king.
BeacherUnited KingdomThe original intention of the waves.
BeauFranceGood-groomed man, dude.
BeckUnited Kingdomstream.
BenHebrewSon; mountain peak.
BenedictLatinBlessed; good speaking; sacred.
BenjaminHebrewFavorite son; lucky; Jacob’s child.
BennettLatinBlessed person.
BensonHebrew, UKA person with his father-like character.
BergerFrancePeople who plow the ground; shepherds.
BernardTeutonicBe brave like a bear.
BerndTeutonicBe brave like a bear.
BernieTeutonicBe brave like a bear.
BertUnited KingdomBrilliant; a person who exudes glory and brilliance.
BertonUnited KingdomPeople who are diligent and thrifty in managing property.
BertramTeutonicLucky and outstanding person.
BevisFrancePeople who can see their surroundings clearly.
BillGermanyA strong fighter or protector.
BingGermanyCome from a very special village.
BishopUnited Kingdomsupervisor.
BlairCelticPlains; swampy battlefields.
BlakeUnited Kingdombleach.
BlitheUnited KingdomVery happy person.
BobTeutonicBrilliant reputation.
BoothNorwayPeople who live in small huts.
BorgSlavicThose who live in a hereditary castle.
BorisRussiaWar gate; stranger.
BorislavRussiaBattle; glorious
BowenUnited KingdomEducated nobleman.
BoyceFranceLiving in the forest, independent.
BoydCelticBlond; Caucasian.
BradyUnited KingdomVigorous; a wide island.
BradleyUnited KingdomBroad grass.
BrandonUnited KingdomShining mountains.
BrentUnited KingdomBarnacle goose; hill
BrianCeltic and GalePowerful leader; born noble.
BroderickScandinaviaThe famous king.
BrookUnited KingdomPeople who live by the stream.
BrunoItalyBrown or black complexion.
BruceFranceA forest.
BuckUnited KingdomBucks.
BurtUnited KingdomStrong city.
BurgessUnited Kingdomfree people.
BurkeFrancePeople who live in a castle fortress.
BurtonUnited KingdomSmall town on the hill.
ByronUnited KingdomCountry house, who loves natural scenery.