Unique English Girl Names and Their Meanings Starting with D

Naming a baby girl can be an exciting yet daunting task for parents. If you’re looking for a name that is both unique and meaningful, you might consider looking into English girl names that start with the letter D. This list includes 100 beautiful and distinctive girl names with their respective meanings. Some of the names have historical or literary references, while others have more modern origins. Whether you prefer classic names like Delilah or more contemporary choices like Danica, there is a name on this list for every taste and preference. Take a look and discover the perfect name for your little girl.

DahliaFlower named after botanist Anders Dahl
DaisyA flower, from Old English “daegeseage” meaning “day’s eye”
DakotaName of a Native American tribe, meaning “friendly”
DaleyzaVariation of the name Daleysa, possibly meaning “beloved”
DallasFrom Scottish, meaning “meadow dwelling”
DanaFrom Old English, meaning “from Denmark”
DanicaFrom Slavic, meaning “morning star”
DanielaFeminine form of Daniel, meaning “God is my judge”
DannaFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is my judge”
DaphneFrom Greek mythology, meaning “laurel tree”
DarbyFrom Old Norse, meaning “free man”
DarcyFrom Old French, meaning “from Arcy”
DariaFrom Persian, meaning “wealthy”
DarlaFrom Old English, meaning “dear” or “beloved”
DarleneCreated in the 20th century, meaning “dear” or “beloved”
DavinaFeminine form of David, meaning “beloved”
DawnFrom Old English, meaning “daybreak”
DayanaVariant of Diana, meaning “divine” or “heavenly”
DayanaraA blend of Diana and Guinevere, meaning “heavenly” or “exalted one”
DeannaVariant of Diana, meaning “divine” or “heavenly”
DeborahFrom Hebrew, meaning “bee”
DebraVariant of Deborah, meaning “bee”
DelaneyFrom Irish, meaning “from the river Slaney”
DelilahFrom Hebrew, meaning “delicate” or “weak”
DellaShort form of names containing “del,” meaning “noble” or “bright”
DelaneyFrom Irish, meaning “from the river Slaney”
DemetriaFeminine form of Demetrius, meaning “follower of Demeter”
DeniseFrom French, meaning “God of wine”
DestinyCreated in the 20th century, meaning “destiny”
DiamondFrom English, meaning “unbreakable” or “strong”
DianeFrom Greek mythology, meaning “divine” or “heavenly”
DiannaVariant of Diane, meaning “divine” or “heavenly”
DinaFrom Hebrew, meaning “judged”
DinahVariant of Dina, meaning “judged”
DixieFrom the American South, possibly meaning “tenth”
DollyFrom Old English, meaning “gift of God”
DominiqueFrom Latin, meaning “of the Lord”
DonnaFrom Italian, meaning “lady”
DoraFrom Greek, meaning “gift”
DorisFrom Greek mythology, meaning “gift”
DorothyFrom Greek, meaning “gift of God”
DoveFrom Old English, meaning “bird”
DreamaCreated in the 20th century, meaning “dream”
DrewUnisex name, short form of Andrew, meaning “manly”
DulceFrom Latin, meaning “sweet”
DulcieFrom Latin, meaning “sweet