50 English Boy Names Starting with F and Their Meanings

Looking for a name for your baby boy starting with the letter F? Here is a list of 50 English boy names with their meanings to help you choose the perfect name for your little one. From traditional names like Frederick and Francis to more unique options like Finnegan and Ford, this list has something for every parent’s taste. Each name comes with its origin and meaning, allowing you to understand the significance of the name and choose one that resonates with you. With this comprehensive list, you’ll be sure to find a name that your child will love for a lifetime.

FabianBean grower
FarleyMeadow of the sheep
FelixLucky, successful
FerdinandAdventurous journey
FinnFair-haired warrior
FinleyFair-haired hero
FletcherArrow maker
FloydGray-haired warrior
FlynnSon of the red-haired one
ForestDweller of the woods
ForrestDweller of the woods
FosterFoster parent
FoxCunning, sly
FrancisFree, Frenchman
FranklinFree landowner
FrederickPeaceful ruler
FreemanFree man
GabrielGod is my strength
GaelOf Gaelic origin
GageOath, pledge
GalenCalm, healer
GarrickSpear king
GarthEnclosed yard, garden
GavinWhite hawk
GeneWell-born, noble
GeoffreyGod’s peace
GeorgeFarmer, earth worker
GeraldRule of the spear
GerardBrave with a spear
GilbertBright pledge
GilesYoung goat
GinoShort for names ending in -gino
GodfreyGod’s peace
GordonLarge fortification
GrahamGravelly homestead
GrantLarge, great
GraysonSon of the steward
GregoryVigilant, watchful
GriffinFierce, strong in faith
GunnerBold warrior
GustavStaff of the Goths
GuyGuide, leader
GylesVariation of Giles
GageOath, pledge