50 English Boy Names Beginning with F and Their Meanings

Choosing the perfect name for your baby boy can be a daunting task. If you’re looking for a name that starts with F, this list of 50 English boy names and their meanings can provide some inspiration. From classic names like Frank and Frederick to modern names like Finnegan and Fletcher, there is something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a name with a strong meaning, like Felix meaning “fortunate” or a name with a literary connection, like Fitzgerald after the famous author, this list has it all. Take a look and find the perfect name for your little one!

FabianFrom Latin, meaning “bean grower”
FairfaxFrom Old English, meaning “fair-haired”
FalconFrom Latin, meaning “falcon”
FarleyFrom Old English, meaning “fern clearing”
FarrellFrom Irish, meaning “hero”
FaulknerFrom Old French, meaning “falconer”
FavianFrom Latin, meaning “youthful”
FelixFrom Latin, meaning “fortunate” or “lucky”
FerdinandFrom Germanic, meaning “bold voyager”
FernandFrom Germanic, meaning “bold voyager”
FerrisFrom Irish, meaning “rock”
FinleyFrom Scottish Gaelic, meaning “fair-haired hero”
FinnFrom Irish, meaning “fair”
FisherFrom English, meaning “fisherman”
FitzFrom Old French, meaning “son of”
FletcherFrom Old French, meaning “arrow maker”
FlintFrom Old English, meaning “hard quartz”
FloydFrom Welsh, meaning “grey”
ForbesFrom Scottish, meaning “field”
FordFrom Old English, meaning “river crossing”
ForrestFrom Old French, meaning “woodsman”
FosterFrom Old English, meaning “foster parent”
FoxFrom Old English, meaning “fox”
FrancisFrom Latin, meaning “free”
FranklinFrom Old English, meaning “free landowner”
FraserFrom Scottish, meaning “strawberry”
FredrickFrom Germanic, meaning “peaceful ruler”
FreemanFrom Old English, meaning “free man”
FrenchFrom English, meaning “Frenchman”
FullerFrom Old English, meaning “cloth fuller”
FultonFrom English, meaning “birdcatcher”
FynnFrom Irish, meaning “fair”
GabrielFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is my strength”
GageFrom Old French, meaning “oath” or “pledge”
GalenFrom Greek, meaning “calm” or “healer”
GannonFrom Irish, meaning “fair-haired”
GardnerFrom English, meaning “gardener”
GarretFrom Germanic, meaning “spear strength”
GarthFrom Old Norse, meaning “enclosed garden”
GaryFrom Germanic, meaning “spear”
GastonFrom French, meaning “guest” or “host”
GavinFrom Scottish, meaning “white hawk”
GaylordFrom Old French, meaning “lively” or “bold”
GeneFrom Greek, meaning “well-born”
GeoffreyFrom Germanic, meaning “God’s peace”
GeorgeFrom Greek, meaning “farmer” or “earth-worker”

Note: Some of these names can also be used for girls.