50 Popular English Boy Names Starting with E and Their Meanings

This article lists 50 popular English boy names that start with the letter E along with their meanings. The names range from classic to modern and are derived from various languages such as Old English, Hebrew, and German. Some names have religious connotations like Elijah and Ethan, which mean “my God is Yahweh” and “strong” respectively. Others like Evan, meaning “young warrior”, and Elliot, meaning “the Lord is my God”, have more unique origins. This list provides expectant parents with an extensive collection of boy names to choose from, each with its own special meaning and history.

EarlFrom Old English, meaning “nobleman” or “prince”.
EastonFrom Old English, meaning “east-facing place”.
EdenFrom Hebrew, meaning “delight” or “place of pleasure”.
EdgarFrom Old English, meaning “wealthy spearman”.
EdmundFrom Old English, meaning “fortunate protector”.
EdwardFrom Old English, meaning “wealthy guardian”.
EdwinFrom Old English, meaning “wealthy friend”.
EliFrom Hebrew, meaning “ascended” or “elevated”.
EliasFrom Hebrew, meaning “Jehovah is God”.
ElijahFrom Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is God”.
ElliotFrom Old French, meaning “brave and true”.
EllisFrom Old English, meaning “benevolent”.
EmeryFrom Germanic, meaning “industrious leader”.
EmmettFrom Old German, meaning “universal”.
EnzoFrom Italian, meaning “ruler of the household”.
EricFrom Old Norse, meaning “eternal ruler”.
ErnestFrom Germanic, meaning “serious” or “resolute”.
EthanFrom Hebrew, meaning “strong” or “firm”.
EugeneFrom Greek, meaning “well-born” or “noble”.
EvanFrom Welsh, meaning “young warrior”.
EverettFrom Old English, meaning “brave as a wild boar”.
EwanFrom Scottish, meaning “born of the yew tree”.
EzraFrom Hebrew, meaning “helper” or “helper of God”.
EddieA diminutive of names starting with “E”.
EdselFrom Old English, meaning “noble dwelling”.
EdmondFrom Old English, meaning “fortunate protector”.
EfrainFrom Hebrew, meaning “fruitful”.
EgbertFrom Old English, meaning “bright edge”.
EgonFrom Old Norse, meaning “edge of a sword”.
EldenFrom Old English, meaning “from the elf’s valley”.
EldonFrom Old English, meaning “from the old town”.
ElijahFrom Hebrew, meaning “Yahweh is God”.
EliseoFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is my salvation”.
ElleryFrom Old English, meaning “island with elder trees”.
ElmerFrom Old English, meaning “noble and famous”.
EltonFrom Old English, meaning “from the old town”.
ElvisFrom Old English, meaning “all-wise”.
EmilioFrom Latin, meaning “rival” or “eager”.
EmmanuelFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is with us”.
EmoryFrom Old English, meaning “brave and powerful”.
EnnisFrom Irish, meaning “island”.
EphraimFrom Hebrew, meaning “fruitful” or “productive”.
ErnieA diminutive of names starting with “E”.
ErvinFrom Old English, meaning “friend of the sea”.
ErwinFrom Old English, meaning “friend of the boar”.
EstebanFrom Spanish, meaning “crown” or “garland”.
EthanFrom Hebrew, meaning “strong” or “firm”.