50 Unique English Girl Names and Their Meanings

Looking for a unique name for your baby girl? Look no further than this list of 50 English girl names and their meanings. From the classic and elegant Eileen, meaning “bright, shining one,” to the more unique and whimsical Elodie, meaning “foreign riches,” there is sure to be a name on this list that will catch your eye. Some names, like Ember, meaning “spark,” and Everly, meaning “from the boar meadow,” evoke a sense of nature, while others, like Eliza, meaning “pledged to God,” have a more traditional feel. Whatever your preference, these 50 names are sure to inspire.

EadieFrom Old English, meaning “rich gift”.
EavanFrom Irish, meaning “fair form” or “beautiful”.
EbonyFrom the name of the black hardwood tree.
EdenFrom Hebrew, meaning “delight”.
EdieA diminutive of the name Edith, meaning “prosperous in war”.
EdithFrom Old English, meaning “rich gift”.
EdlynFrom Old English, meaning “noble woman”.
EdnaFrom Hebrew, meaning “pleasure” or “rejuvenation”.
EdwinaA feminine form of the name Edwin, meaning “rich friend”.
EffieA diminutive of the name Euphemia, meaning “well-spoken”.
EileenA variant of the name Eibhlin, meaning “desire” or “beauty”.
EilidhFrom Scottish Gaelic, meaning “sunlight”.
EiraFrom Welsh, meaning “snow”.
ElainaA variant of the name Elaine, meaning “bright” or “shining”.
ElaineFrom Old French, meaning “bright” or “shining”.
EleanorFrom Old French, meaning “bright” or “shining”.
ElectraFrom Greek mythology, meaning “amber”.
ElenaA variant of the name Helen, meaning “torch” or “light”.
EleonoraA variant of the name Eleanor, meaning “bright” or “shining”.
ElinaFrom Finnish, meaning “torch”.
ElisaA variant of the name Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”.
ElisabethFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is my oath”.
EliseA variant of the name Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”.
ElishaFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is my salvation”.
ElissaFrom Phoenician mythology, meaning “queen”.
ElizaA variant of the name Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”.
ElizabethFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is my oath”.
EllaFrom Germanic, meaning “all” or “completely”.
EllenA variant of the name Helen, meaning “torch” or “light”.
ElleA variant of the name Ellen, meaning “torch” or “light”.
EllieA diminutive of names starting with “El-“.
EllisFrom Welsh, meaning “benevolent”.
ElodieFrom French, meaning “marsh flower”.
EloiseFrom French, meaning “healthy” or “wide”.
EloraFrom Hebrew, meaning “God is my light”.
ElouiseA variant of the name Eloise, meaning “healthy” or “wide”.
ElsaA variant of the name Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”.
ElsieA diminutive of the name Elizabeth, meaning “God is my oath”.
ElspethFrom Scottish, meaning “God is my oath”.
ElvaFrom Irish, meaning “white”.
ElviraFrom Spanish, meaning “true to all”.
ElvinaA variant of the name Elva, meaning “white”.
ElysiaFrom Greek mythology, meaning “blissful” or “heavenly”.
ElyssaA variant of the name Alyssa, meaning “rational”.
EmberFrom English, meaning “spark”.
EmelineFrom Germanic, meaning “industrious”.
EmelyA variant of the name Emily, meaning “rival”.
EmeraldFrom the name of the green gemstone.
EmersonFrom English, meaning “son of Emery”.
EmeryFrom Germanic, meaning “ruler of work”.
EmiliaFrom Latin, meaning