Baby Names Beginning with D

[The beginning of D] David should be the boy’s name that begins with D most intuitively, and Michelangelo’s well-known work, the Statue of David, is actually used to represent the King of Israel (David) recorded in the Bible, so David is The name itself has the meaning of “beloved” and “beloved”. In fact, if you look closely, you will find that many names are derived from the Bible and have meanings related to God.

DanaUnited KingdomAs pure and radiant as the sun.
DanielHebrewGod is my arbitrator.
DarcyFranceRefers to people from the big castle, black people.
DarnellHebrewGod is my arbitrator.
DarrenIrelandPeople with the potential of Chengda career.
DaveHebrewLoved ones.
DavidHebrewLoved ones.
DavisHebrewFriends; beloved.
DeanUnited KingdomThe valley; the leader of the school; the leader of the church.
DelbertUnited Kingdomclever.
DempseyGailProud and powerful person.
DenisGreeceThe Greek god of Bacchus.
DennisGreeceThe Greek god of Bacchus.
DerekTeutonicRuler of the nation
DerrickGermanyRuler of the nation.
DevinIrelandRefers to a poet or scholar.
DevenFranceVine; poet
DickGermanyBrave and bold.
DominicLatinBelongs to God.
DonCelticWorld leader.
DonaldScotlandProud ruler.
DonaldCelticWorld leader; chief.
DonahueIrelandRufous warrior.
DouglasGailPeople from the Black Sea; dark gray.
DrewWellsSmart and honest people.
DukeLatinDuke; leader.
DunnUnited KingdomRefers to people with black skin.
DuncanGailBrown warrior; tanned warrior.
DwightTeutonicCaucasian or blond person.
DylanWellsThe ocean; the god of waves.